Looking to be part of our Phoenix Property Appraisal team?

Join us in providing quality Arizona and California Commercial real estate and Home appraisals.

Here are some rules to live by while you are completing an appraisal inspection:

Be Punctual

Don’t be early and don’t be late. If you are going to be late, call the homeowner to notify them.

Hygiene First

Make sure you are clean and presentable. If the home owner requests, take off your shoes.

Phone Use

Use your cell phone sparingly or not at all during the inspection. If you must answer it, excuse yourself and be brief.

Dress Appropriately

No shorts, tshirts, or flip flops.

Be Polite

Keep your comments about the property and the appraisal to a minimum. Remember, the homeowner is not your client and you are not to discuss assignment results or conclusions with them.


Use the restroom before your visit.

No Tobacco

No chewing or smoking during inspections out of respect for the clients property.

Business Card

Be prepared to give the home owner a business card.


Don’t ask for anything to eat or drink. If they offer you may accept, but don’t linger.