Property Appraisal Company for Attorneys


Bankruptcy Appraisals:

Many times a financial institution needs reassurance of a clients asset values. We have assisted many attorneys with their client’s needs for an unbiased and well supported appraisal documenting the most applicable analysis for your clients valuation needs. Our services are provided very efficiently to help expedite your services to your client saving everyone time and money.

Divorce Appraisals:

During what can be a very stressful situation for your clients you want a company you can count on.  Our services are prompt and professional. We are an appraisal firm you can rely on for a complete appraisal on all your real estate valuation needs. We can consult you and your client on the valuation of the real estate in question.

Estate and Trust Appraisals:

Whether you’re an attorney, bank, trust department, accountant or individual with an appraisal need, you want a qualified real estate appraiser to provide the quality appraisals you require. We not only understand the basic requirements for any appraisal, but we go beyond the basic requirements. Our many years in the appraisal field allows us to provide accurate estate and trust appraisals throughout Arizona and California. Give us a call today to discuss your particular appraisal need.