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Competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and fast delivery throughout the City of Tempe. Your appraisal report will be completed by a licensed / certified real estate appraiser.

Tempe Arizona Appraisals

We appraise houses, condominiums, and residential vacant land throughout Tempe and Maricopa County and our specialty is the preparation of appraisals for purposes not related to mortgages, such as date of death, bankruptcy, divorce, estates, before buying or selling a home, bonds, family based transactions, and more.

Our appraisals have been specially designed to be more easily understood and logical to non-real estate professionals which is critically important for your success with the appraisal.

We are happy to answer any and all questions to assist you in deciding on the best service for your situation, so please complete our online Contact Request Form, email us at appraisals@sunpointappraisals.com, or give us a call at (480) 595-0188 for a free no-pressure consultation.

Sun Point Appraisals, Inc. completes various appraisals in and around Tempe Arizona. Some of Sun Point Appraisals, Inc. staff appraisers live in the city of Mesa and are very competent in providing reliable valuations.

Tempe Home Appraisals and Tempe Commercial Appraisals are being completed by Sun Point Appraisals, Inc. on a daily basis. Give us a call if you just have a question and/or need to order an appraisal. You can simply click “Order Online” on the right hand side of the screen or give us a call. Tempe is a city in Maricopa County Arizona and is a suburb located about 20 miles East of Phoenix. Mesa is in the East Valley section of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It is bordered by Phoenix on the West.

Despite being home to more than 460,000 people, making its population larger than more recognizable cities such as Miami, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Cleveland, Tempe is decidedly a bedroom community. Sun Point Appraisals, Inc. is a premier appraisal firm for Tempe.

Our firm completes several home appraisals in Tempe every day. Do not settle for just any appraisal firm. Sun Point Appraisals, Inc will answer your call on the first ring and our competent and friendly staff will promptly answer all of your questions. Give us a call today to get us started working for you.Mesa has a good mixture of residential and commercial real estate. Easy commuting through Freeway systems and light rail.


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