Phoenix appraisal values holiday market 2014

The holiday season is upon us. Each year starting after the first week of November the stores and

their advertisers all start gearing up for big time sales. Many retail businesses make their profits of the year in this holiday season. Real estate is many times different. What does this do to real estate values?

The holiday season is typically a slower time, meaning slightly less sales activity. In the Phoenix market this is no different. The one thing however that does give Phoenix the edge over many others throughout the nation is the influx of winter visitors. Many visitors from colder Northern climates come to visit Arizona. While many are here to visit for a few months to avoid the cold and snow many do find they want to make Phoenix home, or at least a second home for the winter. This activity can typically be seen in the “active adult communities” of Sun City and/or Sun Lakes as well as the many golf country clubs offering social calendars, tennis, and of course golfing. This market is typically just beginning to take off.

If you are in the market to purchase or sell a home this holiday season do not hesitate to give Sun Point a call at 480-595-0188. For just a few hundred dollars we can assure you that the purchase you are making is the right one. Buying and selling a home is emotional enough and add to it the holiday season makes for a stressful time.

Just a few thoughts however…


Buyers during this time are typically more serious.

Sellers are typically more motivated not wanting to have to see what the new year has to offer for selling their home.

Many job transfers happen at the end of the year.

With quieter work schedules many buyers have more available time to surf the internet and gain interest in potential properties.