San Diego springtime real estate

Having been in the appraisal business since the late 1990s have seen many ups and downs.  Both amazing and discouraging markets.  We appraisers go from trying to improve efficiencies to accomodate the flow of assignments to mornings of testing our email to make sure it is working.  Having grown the company to involve many markets into our coverage area can see first hand the movement of supply and demand and the impact on both business volumns as well as regional market trends.


Moved to San Diego a few years ago and while the market has settled down quite a bit I see things still very strong.  San Diego just went from 20 plus over list offers on day one of listing to now letting a listing experience a few weeks of market time with open houses not like block parties but more "normal".  Normal in the sense of what many peers may experience in their market places around our great country.


One the main reasons my family relocated here is there is never a dull moment.  Year round activities with great beaches, sailing, golf courses, and great weather.  While real estate is still very pricey in most of the San Diego Metro if you know it is ok to downsize and enjoy the great weather and lifestyle we have found it to be a great decision.  The news is that California is one of the few states that has been losing population.  Not really seeing that in the San Diego area.  Many markets that have any available space are squeezing as much development in as possible.  Communities like El Cajon, Chula Vista, Valley Center, and pockets along Interstate 15 are getting a new vision and more housing opportunities all over.  Should be an awesome Spring market here in the most beautiful city on the Planet!!