All San Diego Views Are Not Equal

Are all golf course lots the same?


This past weekend I was golfing in San Marcos, CA.  Being in real estate my entire adult career I am always looking at real estate.  I imagine I look at properties a little differently than most people, being an appraiser.  I typically comment to my playing partners the reason a San Diego Appraiser is needed, need to promote the profession.  It is no more apparent than when compensating for a subject site, good or bad. 

In the case of a view lot much of the descriptions the public gets regarding a home is positive attributes as a good agent is doing their job of marketing a home for the seller.  Golf course lots among others can be a little tricky.  There are San Diego golf course lots of all types.  Some view an expansive panoramic of the 18th green with adjacent pond and sand bunkers.  Others view a cart path and tee box and still others, as seen in the provided picture, have no view.


The San Diego Appraiser is an unbiased professional that takes these items seriously and will account for these differences providing their client with an accurate depiction of the site and its associated view.  Then taking it a step further and comparing it to other similar sites however having differing views.  The appraiser has to determine what a willing an able buyer would pay for this site over and above a similar sized lot with or without a view.  While appraising is not an exact science and there is not perfect formula to apply the appraiser does what an appraiser does, research.  This is comparing all kinds of sales data from the subject market and if needed competing market.  Calling agents that are active in the market and surveying is also another great source.  After compiling all this data adjustments are made. 


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